Common Nail & Foot Problems

Ingrown Toe Nails


An Ingrown toe nail appears when the sides of the nail grow into the surrounding skin. 

Symptoms include: pain when pressure is placed on the toe, inflamation of the skin around the toe, a build up of fluid in the area of the toe, bleeding, white or yellow pus with an odour.

Fungal Nail Infection


Fungal Nail Infection also known as Onychomycosis, develops slowly and causes the nail to become discoloured.

Symptoms include: discolouration of the nail, brittle or crumbling of the nail, thickening and distortion of the nail and pain and discomfort when pressure is placed on the nail.

Thickened Nails


Thickened nails are often caused by a nail infection, they become thick, mis-shapen and difficult to cut.

Symptoms include: discolouration of the nail and crumbling of the nail.



Corns are small cirlces of thick skin that appear on the tops sides or sole of the foot.

Symptoms include: excessive pressure on the foot, rubbing of the shoes causing friction and a sharp pain like a piece of glass.



Calluses are hard rough skin often yellowish in colour, they can develop on the feet hands and knuckles.

Symptoms include: discolouration of the area caused from rubbing of the shoes, dry skin.

Athletes Foot


Athletes foot is a rash caused by fungus which usually appears between the toes, it can also appear on the soles of the feet.

Symptoms include: Itchy, scaly red dry skin, sore and flaky skin, white soggy and cracked skin.